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Jeff Hoglen

Thoughts on Ministry, Leadership, and Life

How To Assess Leadership Potential

How can leaders assess leadership potential? You will need to spot potential and then nurture it within young leaders. This is critical in the health and longevity of any church. Here are 17 Questions to help you assess leadership potential. These questions are...

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Our Focus Needs More Focus

As church planters, we need to be aware of some statistics. These stats will help adjust our focus. In just about all churches, we will have approx 20% who are pioneers, 70% who are considered "settlers" and then about 10% who are "antagonists." We spend too much...

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8 Steps to Help Grow Your Church

I've been taking a trip down memory lane, and I have to say, many pastor/ authors were light years ahead of their time. Here is a short but sweet article by Rick Warren which I consider evergreen content. It was applicable in 2013, and it's still just as fresh...

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House Church – Community Church – Mega-Church

The question I get asked a lot is; What church model is the best? House church, Community church, or mega-church? Let's take a quick peek at each one and see which is truly 'the best" church model. House Church Should we be going back to house churches? Those with...

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Get On Track – 4 Ways to Get More Accomplished

We all need discipline in our lives. When we look around, it may seem that some people just seem to have their act together. I mean, they are losing weight, going to the gym, and rocking their career as well as being the parent of the year! Trust me, those people...

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