3 Tips for a More Effective Social Media Presence

Jeff Hoglen church planting

Jeff Hoglen church planting

Eighty-two percent of the population in the United States had a social networking profile as of 2021, representing a two percent increase from the 80 percent usage reach in the previous year.

 Undoubtedly, social media has become a massive part of our life in America. It’s an effective way of sharing memories and educational content, bringing awareness, and, if you are in business, increasing sales.


 Why is it important for a church to increase its social networking presence?


An excellent social media presence has many advantages if used wisely.

As a church, you can use this to build awareness of your church, have a genuine relationship with other members, and build trust with those in your community. However, building a strong social media presence requires consistency.


Follow these tips to grow your social media presence right away:


  1. Have goals.

 Know your “why” and set goals for your page. You need to ask yourself: What do we want to achieve

on social media? Is it for live streaming? Is it for potential guests to take a sneak peek at your worship service without actually attending in person?

If you don’t know your “why” and just randomly posting, how will you gauge the effectiveness?

Social media and your website are the “new steeples” for churches. Historically, a steeple was placed on a church so it could be seen within the community. That is how people found the church.

Nowadays, people use the internet and social media to checkout a church prior to attending.


  1. Show some faces, not just stock graphics.

 If you ask any content creator, they will tell you that one of the biggest mistakes on social media is hiding. Churches/ministries that are faceless and have zero personality receive less attention because they appear uninteresting.

People love to see transparency. 
  • They want to get to know the person or team behind the church name and logo. 
People don’t like generic posts that come off as fake or robotic. 
  • They will tend to believe that something isn’t right or, at the very least, something is being hidden from them. 

I have been to many church websites, as well as their Facebook pages, and all I see are scriptures and stock graphics. There are no pictures of people, and some do not even have pictures of their church building.


  1. Build genuine relationships.

 Building genuine relationships is the beauty of social media. Most businesses with such relationships thrive. Many churches that are live streaming have someone to interact with those watching. 

Why not have someone or even a team designated to interact with folks on your social media site?

    Engage with your audience, comment on their posts, share their content,
and respond to comments.
This way, your efforts will be reciprocated and ultimately put you at the forefront of growing your social media presence.


    Put more effort into building valuable relationships. Focus on relationships and the “likes” and followership will come.


There you have it – 3 Tips to help your social media presence.

 I pray this helps your church in a huge way!

 God bless you..

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