5 Recommended Blog Posts of the Week

I start most of my days with scripture reading, a devotional of some sort, grab some coffee and I read a few blog articles. Here are a few that I read this past week that I think are well written and helpful to pastors, church leaders and those who have a heart to make a difference.

We’ve considered the kind of people that we need for a healthy church, but before we leave this discussion, we must consider how those people interact with each other–specifically, how they respond w…(click on the title link for more)
No matter how long you’ve been in leadership, it still hurts when people leave your church. It’s somewhat easy to understand people leaving when things are going poorly— when there’s conflict, divisi…(click on the title link for more)

Churches at the Border: ‘God Is Calling Us to Step into a Gap’

www1.cbn.com – Shared by CBN News
EL PASO, Texas – Far from the battle in Washington over humanitarian funding for the border crisis, believers on both sides of the Rio Grande are coming together to care for the thousands of asylum s…(click on the title link for more)
People are attracted to a church that meets the needs in their lives or touches the needs and lives of their loved ones. The church that meets a person’s specific need when it occurs will have the be…(click on the title link for more)
We hear that the gospel is the ultimate solution to all life’s ultimate problems, and the power of the gospel renews human hearts, churches, and whole cities. But, This transcript will help you under…(click on the title link for more)


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