5 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking  

Public speaking is frightening for most of us. We don’t feel comfortable standing in front of a bunch of people and taking responsibility for all the attention we receive. However, public speaking skills are incredibly valuable.

Not only can you become a better speaker, but it can also do amazing things for your career. When you can communicate effectively to a group, you become an asset.

So, how can you become a better speaker?

Use these tips and learn to speak effectively to a large group of people:


1) Be prepared.

  • You’ll feel more confident and comfortable if you’re prepared.
  • Give yourself enough time to prepare properly.
  • Get organized and get in the right frame of mind before you have to speak.

2) Make the information more important than yourself.

Understand that in most cases, people aren’t there to watch you. They are there for the information you’re providing. Focus on adding value to their lives by imparting the best possible knowledge. If you can do that, your worries about your speaking skills take a back seat.

3) Keep things simple.

Amateur speakers try to cram too much information into too little time. I believe the less is best in most cases.

4) Know your Audience.

Determine why they are there and what they want to get from your time together. Then ensure you deliver it.

  • A speech at work regarding your department’s results isn’t the time for jokes and humor. What they want are the relevant facts.
  • A motivational talk or a sermon can have a balanced variety of humor, storytelling, and serious content.
  • Tailor your speech to your audience.

5) Record yourself. Set up a camera and record yourself speaking.

  • First, listen to it without watching yourself. How do you sound? Are there too many “umms” and awkward pauses? Take notes on how you can improve.
  • Next, just watch yourself without the audio. How do you look? Do you have any awkward or annoying mannerisms? Do you shuffle your feet or sway back and forth? Again, take notes.
  • Now, listen, and watch simultaneously. What can you improve? Take notes.
  • Finally, take your notes and make the necessary adjustments. Trust me; you will improve the more you do it and then access the moment.

Practice as much as you can and strive to improve continually. Not many people make an effort to become better public speakers. A little work can go a long way!

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