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3 Tips for a More Effective Social Media Presence
Eighty-two percent of the population in the United States had a social networking profile as...
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Church Revitalization Is Possible
Church Revitalization Is Possible defines replanting: “To plant (something) again or in a new place…” With regards to a...
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practice what you preach by Jeff Hoglen
Practice What You Preach
Sunday services are filled with information that the pastor/preacher hopes will be life-transforming...
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Doing More With Less $$
When it comes to daily ministry life within the local church or even outreach, it is common that much...
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church planting Jeff Hoglen
Connecting with your city
Steve Sjogren has been a mentor and great friend for many years. As the editing manager for
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Overcoming Location Challenges
Some churches are located on major roads or viewable from an interstate. That is great, but this blog...
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3 Ways to Help You Get Unstuck
The thought of making a difference stirs you to take action. The excitement of something unique and fresh...
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same ol thinking
God Blesses Preparedness
When I teach on church planting, I often say Easter is the Superbowl for the church. (meaning its a big...
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church growth
Starting A Church? Pastoring A Church? You Can Do It!
Planting a church is just plain tough! The last I checked, the odds are against us! Almost 1/2 of all...
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focus needs more focus
Our Focus Needs More Focus
As church planters, we need to be aware of some statistics. These stats will help adjust our focus. In...
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growing your church Jeff Hoglen
8 Steps to Help Grow Your Church
I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane, and I have to say, many pastor/ authors were light years...
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Revitalization - One Win At A Time
Revitalization often starts with a single ministry area within the church rather than the whole church....
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Revitalization Hope - Replanting Churches
While this blog is typically for church planting, there is a great need for church revitalization. So...
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