“One of the biggest compliments I can give Pastor Jeff is that he is truly able to think outside the box. As our team was molding the vision for New Direction, we were often frustrated that we could not find anything to address our specific problems. Being in a rural area with few resources, we quickly found that most information always failed to realize our unique challenges to the specific vision God had given us. Pastor Jeff was able to pinpoint different ways to go forward and sees that there is always a special path to take for each church. He understands that there are many ways to success and not all paths have to look, feel, and be the same as others. If you work with him for any length of time you will come to truly understand and appreciate one of his favorite sayings “there is wayyyy more than one way to skin a cat!” Likewise, with his help we have found that there is wayyyy more than one way to plant a church!”

Matthew Galloway
Lead Pastor – New Direction Church

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