Overcoming Location Challenges

Some churches are located on major roads or viewable from an interstate. That is great, but this blog post is for those who have a church that is well… locationally challenged. What do you do if the community doesn’t know your church exists?

My answer is in 3 parts:

1. Outreach 

The church family needs to go into the community and share the love of God in practical ways. Questions to ask yourself as a leader: Have we become inward focused? Are we more of a social club than a place of help, restoration, and growth?

I recommend the book – 101 Ways to Reach Your Community by Steve Sjogren

2. Enthusiasm

It may be time to start something new or end something ineffective. If those within the church are not inviting people, you need to find out the reason. It may just be them, but it could be something even broader. Take some time and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your local church. If you are stumped, get a coach or consultant to give you a fresh perspective.

3. Signage

The local church where I currently serve is definitely not prime real estate. Recently, I heard someone tell me they have passed by our street so many times but never knew a church was there. You can imagine my surprise since we have been there for years,  our social media is decent, and our members have shirts they wear and are walking billboards. It turns out; this is not enough. We needed something even more practical. Signage!

Of the three solutions to our dilemma, this one can be a quick fix and accomplished for less than one may think. I’m going to provide a link below to the company I used in the past. Design and order the signs online and then place them strategically where needed most. Imagine you are new to the area. Where could a sign help your church get noticed?

For signs, I recommend Signs on the Cheap.


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