Overcoming Limiting Beliefs That Keep You From God’s Best

Limiting beliefs and negative self-talk have a profound effect on our lives. In my next few blog posts, you’ll see just how pervasive they really are. They affect our lives in so many ways, and none of them are good.

If you can eliminate the 5 most limiting beliefs you possess, your life would forever change for the better. We may have heard about Jesus coming to give us “Life to the full”. You have heard about it but never experienced it. I am convinced that negative self-talk and our limiting beliefs hold us back from living out this John 10:10 life.


Here are some actionable steps:


1. Decide clearly what you want.

It’s tough to accomplish something meaningful if you don’t identify it first.


2. Do something to make it happen.

It takes action to attain any goal. Some people claim that you can practically wish a Porsche into your driveway without lifting a finger, but the real truth is that some action is required. You’ll have to do something to accomplish anything meaningful.


3. Adjust and make tweaks without settling for less.

You might not know enough at first to realize the perfect path. If it’s not working, do something else. Adjust your approach based on your results.


4. Keep going until you’re successful.

If you are consistently improving your approach and you never gave up, the chances of failing are reduced greatly?

It’s a simple process, but frequently, simple is what you need to get you where you want to be. We spend too much time overthinking and figuring ways to work around our faulty beliefs

If you have a limiting belief, you may stumble on step 2. As was stated earlier, most people won’t take action they think is doomed to fail. We think to ourselves: “Why bother?” Well, this is precisely how limiting beliefs get in our way.

Frequently, people are unable to complete step 4. Most of us decide too quickly that something won’t work. As soon as you believe it won’t work, you’re unlikely to continue trying.

There’s a man in the real estate community who makes a great living buying and selling houses. He frequently has to make over 100 offers to get one accepted. How many offers would you make before you decided that it wouldn’t work? Achieving big things usually requires time and effort. Frequently, that effort needs to be intelligent and calculated effort, as opposed to the lower-your-head-and-plow-ahead type of effort. It takes time and experience to put forth the proper effort. You can’t do this with a limiting belief in the way.


Besides preventing your success, limiting beliefs also negatively affect your life in other ways, too, such as:


  • Limiting beliefs taint your experience of living.

You will do fewer things throughout your life when you’re constricted by your limiting beliefs. Imagine what your life would be like without any limiting beliefs. Surely a fuller, richer life is more appealing to you, no matter how great your life is right now.


  • You unintentionally harm those around you.

Even with the best of intentions, you affect others with your limiting beliefs. You’ll likely teach your children false ideas that limit them and even affect your friends with misinformed advice.


  • You fail to grow fully as a human being.

It can be useful to view life with the purpose of eliminating your limiting beliefs and experiencing everything in the world that appeals to you. If you could do those 2 things, what kind of life would you have lived over the course of your lifetime? What path are you on right now?


  • You’ll be inefficient.

Limiting beliefs cause us to find an alternate path, if we look for one at all. If we don’t believe the best route will work for us, we spend a lot of time following a less direct path in an effort to work around our limiting belief. Save some time and deal with the limiting belief instead.

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