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13 Ways to Get Motivated

Do you need a booster shot of motivation? Here are thirteen ways that I find helpful 🙂 1) Reward yourself for reaching specific goals. Give yourself something to look forward to! It could be something as simple as a new shirt or as elaborate as a trip to Asia. Maybe...

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5 Recommended Blog Posts of the Week

I start most of my days with scripture reading, a devotional of some sort, grab some coffee and I read a few blog articles. Here are a few that I read this past week that I think are well written and helpful to pastors, church leaders and those who have a heart to...

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Praying For Your Ministry

Praying For Your Ministry I know a few Christians who were taught that it is selfish to ask God for anything. I understand they feel like they are blessed and in their humble way just standing in the gap for others. Here's the thing:  I can't find that in the Bible....

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15 Encouraging Quotes for Pastors

I love quotes! I especially enjoy quick quotes of encouragement. As a pastor, there are times when I get tired, weary, and downright discouraged. To get me out of that funk, I turn to a combination of praise and worship music, scripture, and quotes from fellow...

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