Possibly TMI

Let me give you insight into what just happened to me. My intention was to go into my bathroom and take a shower. Meaning I wanted to clean myself off. But when I got into the shower my mind started thinking about things that were coming up soon. After a few minutes of being in there, and thinking about these various things.… I turned off the water, Stepped out and dried myself off.
After turning off the water and getting out of the shower I realized something. I didn’t wash off! Meaning I was in the shower but never got clean.
Have you ever set out to do something, say plant a church, start a new ministry, start a new whatever and you begin with the best intentions but you find yourself sidetracked?
I’ve heard it said that we tend to judge others by their actions but we judge ourselves by our intentions.


It’s not intentions that matter. It’s actions!


It’s easy in our fast-paced world to have the very best intentions. Intentions are only good when they have follow-through. For my very personal story of the shower my intentions meant nothing because there was no desired end result.
So what do you do when you get sidetracked? The answer should be common sense, but as they say “common sense isn’t so common anymore.”

So here’s the answer: What you need to do is you need to get back on track.


For those lofty goals and desires dreams that you have, you need a truth-teller in your life. This could come in the form of a mentor or coach. This could even be a close friend that loves you enough to shoot straight and you know what they see from their perspective.
Something else that I would suggest: slow down! Those who are in ministry you need to slow down. You need to take a Sabbath. The local church is not going to fall apart because you take a day off. Love yourself enough, to take care of yourself. And when you’re healthy, your family is healthy and in turn, your church will be healthy.

Healthy churches are led by healthy leaders.


Take some time and plan out your next getaway with your family. Love yourself enough to take some time off. Trust that your team can handle things and rest in the fact that God loves the local church even more than you do.

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