Quotes From a Mentor

ohn Maxwell was a mentor to me before he was actually my mentor. That may sound crazy but it’s true. I gleaned so much from his books that I felt I knew his heart before meeting him for the very first time. As part of the John Maxwell Team, I have the pleasure of connecting with him and Mark Cole regularly.

Here are a few quotes from a recent conference.

These quotes are fresh and reveal his heart about the church, people and our calling.
  • I had a couple of times in my life when I forgot what it was like in Egypt… I forgot the deliverance in my life Christ has done for me.
  • I was so busy as a pastor doing church stuff I wasn’t reaching people for Christ.
  • If you lose your way, you have to have a blueprint.
  • What are we going to do about the 53% of the people who never come to our church? They’re never coming to church.
  • Are we called to a church or are we drawn to a community? Is my passion as great for people not coming to our church as those who are coming to our church?
  • We must be intentional to add value to lost people. Paul did it by serving people.
Here are a few more to ponder:
    • I have to add value to people first before having the credibility to share Christ.
    • Before we share our faith, let’s get people to like us
    • God is love. We would rather correct people than connect with people. God doesn’t change us to accept us. He accepts us to change us.
    • The 101% Principle – Find the 1% you agree on and give it 100% of our effort.
    • We must know who we are in Christ.
    • I don’t have to be like them to reach them but I do have to like them to reach them.
    • You go out there where the people are.
    • You have to be intentional to enter their world

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