Quotes from Global Leadership Summit – GLS 2019

Although I wasn’t in attendance this year (I’m currently in the Philippines), I have been following the hashtag #GLS19 on Twitter.

Here are some of the quotes that have popped out amongst the sea of tweets:


  • Who were you before anyone told you who were supposed to be?


  • What you are thinking is what you are becoming.


  • The way you think about yourself is already shaping your leadership.


  • You don’t think your way into a new kind of living. You live your way into a new kind of thinking.


  • Who are your people?


  • You’ll need friends when it’s hard, but you’ll need friends during the good times too.


  • 50% of all CEOs reported feeling lonely, and 60% stated loneliness affected performance.


  • Nothing prepares you for the effect of loneliness in your life.


  • We are not superheroes. We are human beings designed for connection and relationships.


  • It takes a village to sustain a leader.


Closing Quotes from Craig Groeschel


  • The difference between knowledge and emotion is knowledge leads to conclusions where emotion leads to action.


  • Vision drives us. Values help create culture.  Vision and values should never be words on a wall.  They should be burned in our heart.


  • We value reaching people. We value faith.  We value generosity.  We value empowering people.  We value serving.


  • We’ll do anything short of sin to reach people for Christ.


  • In my lifetime, we will be the generation that eradicates Bible poverty.


  • We can have generic hope or make a prophetic promise.


  • People would rather follow a leader who’s always real rather than someone who’s always right.


  • Quit whining. You’re sharp.  Fix it.


  • You’re capable. You’re called.  You’re gifted.  You’re a masterpiece.


  • Do what leaders do. Step into your calling.  Embrace your mission.


  • Like never before, our world needs strong, consistent, bold, courageous and high-infused leaders.  We will lead with profound humility.  We’ll seek wisdom to make the difficult calls.  We’ll apologize when we get it wrong and we will confront injustices and right wrongs.  We’ll ask for the courage to stand up when others back down.


  • Leaders change the world.

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