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Jeff Hoglen

Transformational Coaching

Life ~ Business ~ Ministry

 Jeff Hoglen started pastoring in 2000 and was initially involved in youth and children’s ministry. He later entered the world of church planting and has planted or assisted in starting churches in the USA, Africa and Asia. Jeff currently pastors Church at the Creek in Spring Lake NC. This was his first experience doing a replant. (Revitalizing a dying church) He also provides oversight to numerous churches in NC, SC through an organization that he and his wife Tonya started called Open Arms International Ministries. Over the past 5 years, Jeff has teamed with his spiritual fathers to serve as apostolic oversight for DOVE International Philippines which consists of over 29 churches.

Jeff is the author various Seminars and books such as: “Obeying the Call”, “Here Am I – A Call to Biblical Missions”, “As You Go – Missions as a Lifestyle” and his latest book for discipleship called “I Believe – Basics of the Christian Faith”.

Jeff Hoglen is a certified speaker, coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. Jeff has coached ministry Startups as well as fledgling entrepreneurs. His latest project is called Kingdom Creative in which he works with artists of various genres to leave the “rat race of the 9-5” and pursue their dream job. He offers 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching as well as online seminars / webinars.

Ministry Coaching

Ministry / Church Plant Coaching

I am an author, public speaker and a coach / consultant. One of my specialty areas is ministry consulting and leadership training. In my 19 years of ministry, I have planted several churches and provide oversight for over 20 churches worldwide. The same care I give that network of churches is offered to those who simply need a friend in ministry or a “fresh pair of eyes” on a situation. Whether it’s concerns the 8 strategies of every church or a simple question… I’m here to help. Why? Because I really do care.

As a pastor, I know how tough ministry can be and realize that ministry can be one of the loneliest places. Whether you are just starting, need someone on the outside of your situation to lend an opinion from an unbiased perspective, or find your self discouraged, I am here to help.

If you want to connect and get ongoing ministry coaching we can discuss it at a later time. My promise is that if you choose this route, it wont break the bank. One thing I have learned: There are are no silver bullet solutions.  Every church and every pastor is unique.

Client Testimonials

What Clients Are Saying

“Jeff spotted me out early in my church planting career. I had been at the whole pastoring thing but we were far from being “off the ground.” As usual Jeff style, he took the time to invest in me with coffee get togethers, dinner with the wife and attending our services. One thing he spoke into me from the beginning was to “be me.” He explained that being someone that I thought I should be was going to be a distraction and insincere. Of course, he did not say it that direct, because while Jeff is teaching and encouraging he wanted me to get a hold of the concept without him “telling me how to do it.” He encouraged me to be me. If I would do that, I would first of all have integrity before God, self and family. It wouldn’t be a burden to carry because ministry alone has enough burdens. No need to have to walk around trying to be the pastor down the street. Secondly, I would attract the right people for our church if I could be me. We needed to stay in our identity as a church and I needed to lead that as a pastor first and foremost. I needed to trust God to lead the people assigned to me that were intended for the ministry God was calling us all to. And being “that person” the people would recognize was the first big step in a ministry culture that needed to be set. Jeff never asked me how big my church has gotten or how successful I would judge myself or ministry, but he has on several occasions made sure I was being the me that he knew I was created to be.”

Stuart Royall
180 Degree’s Church

“One of the biggest compliments I can give Pastor Jeff is that he is truly able to think outside the box. As our team was molding the vision for New Direction we were often frustrated that we could not find anything to address our specific problems. Being in a rural area with few resources, we quickly found that most information always failed to realize our unique challenges to the specific vision God had given us. Pastor Jeff was able to pinpoint different ways to go forward and sees that there is always a special path to take for each church. He understands that there are many ways to success and not all paths have to look, feel, and be the same as others. If you work with him for any length of time you will come to truly understand and appreciate one of his favorite sayings “there is wayyyy more than one way to skin a cat!” Likewise, with his help we have found that there is wayyyy more than one way to plant a church!”

Matthew Galloway
Lead Pastor – New Direction Church

“Jeffrey B Hoglen saved my life. I had experienced changes in my life that were affecting my mood and ability to function. Jeffrey B Hoglen helped me work through what I was feeling and now I’m on the path to feeling healthy and productive once again”

Robbie White

Other Coaching Programs

As part of the John Maxwell Team, I can offer the following Training Services to Churches, Ministries and Corporate Clients:

  • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
  • Put Your Dream to the Test
  • Becoming A Person of Influence
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
  • Leadership Gold

E-Books by Jeff Hoglen


Seen something that intrigues you? Maybe something that really resonated in your heart of hearts? Please feel free to contact me and we can explore the possibility of working together.

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