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Counter-Cultural Life

The words counter-culture may seem odd to many within the church world. I mean, aren't we supposed to be in "the world" in order to share the gospel? The answer is of course, yes, but remember we are in the world but not of it.  Just as a refresher for those who...

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A Prayerful Response to Crisis

Prayer is the key for us as believers. We need to be more diligent now than ever to pray for our family, community, nation, and planet. As we pray through the crisis, I believe God will use the situation to bring us closer to Him as well as touch the hearts of those...

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Pastoring in a Time of Crisis

The purpose of the church is to reach those who are far from Christ and to help them become true disciples. The hope is for them to become mature Christians who impact their community and even the world for the glory of God.  If that is our goal and desire, we need to...

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