my books

I Believe - Basics of the Christian Faith

I wrote this book with a new believer in mind. It’s a primer in the basics of the Christian faith.

As You Go - Living a Life on Mission

This book is my personal philosophy of missions.

Vertical - A 30 Day Discipleship Journey

If you want a fresh start, begin each day with an encouraging devotional.

The Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back

You can eliminate limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that empower you.

Reset Your Mindset

This E-book was written in hopes of helping those who have a low self -perception.

Here Am I – The Call To Biblical Missions

‘Here Am I’ was Jeff’s first book on missions. 

Effective Coaching

If you want to understand life coaching or take your coaching to a new level.

You Can Say That Again – Quotes For Communication

We have curated hundreds of our favorite quotes that have inspired us throughout the years.

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