Our modern culture often pressures us to look and act a certain way or to keep up with the latest trends. But God calls us to something deeper and more meaningful. We should strive to be in the world but not of the world. To do this, we must reject the values of our culture that go against what He has commanded us.


We should focus on being who God made us to be rather than trying to conform to how society wants us to be. We must remember that we are flawed and imperfect people, loved by an Almighty and Perfect God. He loves us unconditionally and seeks a relationship with each of us, regardless of our shortcomings or mistakes.

When life throws challenges our way, it can be difficult for us not to give in to these pressures from the world around us. It is important for us to take time out of our daily lives and focus on God’s presence so that He can help guide our decisions during moments when we feel overwhelmed by outside forces. We should also remain focused on His Word throughout our day-to-day lives: reading scripture, praying, meditating, and listening for His voice.


Let’s decide today that no matter where we find ourselves in life, we will put our trust in Him and seek strength from His unending love and grace instead of following after worldly desires that lead only down paths of destruction.