If you feel a calling to start a church, you are in for an incredible spiritual adventure.

Too often, people are swept up in the excitement of their church planting experience, become overwhelmed by all the moving parts, or fail to conduct all of the necessary research to ensure success. Church planters need to come to the realization there are no shortcuts or silver bullets.

Because you’re conducting critical research just by reading this, you’re already well on your way to starting the church planting process. The following is a list of five principles to keep in mind as you plant your church:

Pray all the time.

I mean ALL the time. Don’t get so wrapped up in the “doing” that you forget to pray about everything.

Communication is Essential.

Communication is essential for developing trust among your church’s members and visitors alike. Being completely transparent with those in the church may make you feel vulnerable, but it is a necessary step in establishing trust in the new church.

Don’t forget to communicate the “why.” People need to know why you are doing certain things in order to grasp the importance.

Also, err on the side of over-communication. Whenever you feel as if you have communicated thoroughly, the chances are – people are just getting the jest of it.

Never be afraid to seek advice.

Don’t plant alone. It is always healthy to plant within a network or denomination. Stats have shown that success rates are higher when there is a sending church or organization.

Whether you are on your own or belong to a tribe, there will be times when you need help. ASK! Reach out and ask someone.

If you feel like your network of friends is not able to help, there are many ministry coaches that you can consult with online. Do your research on various coaches. Maybe there are some podcasts that you listen to regularly. Reach out to the hosts or get a referral from the host. Bottom line – ask for help when you need it. We have all been there. There is more help out there than ever before, so don’t hesitate to use it.

Determine your mission and then carry it out.

Your vision for your new church is encapsulated in your mission statement. It serves as a guide for the church and will help the church plant grow in the future.

Make use of your mission statement to propel your church forward. This is the overarching statement that underpins all of your actions. As a result, it should constantly be on your mind.

Maintain your adaptability and creativity.

There are numerous moving parts involved in church planting. It is easy to become discouraged when working on large projects.

In recent years, we have learned to pivot. That same mentality will serve us well as plant churches in turbulent times.

Remember the quote, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Discern the times and be ready to change when needed. Your principles will never change, but the methods utilized may always be in constant flux.